Walking Tour

We will take you around Hanoi's small alleys and big streets, seeing historical sites along the way. 

Spend the day exploring historic places, watching urban life, and tasting Vietnamese pho.

Start walking at Lake B52 with historical stories about Dien Bien Phu in Air in 1972. Then, walk in the small alleys in Ngoc Ha village, here, the tour guide will introduce you to the local market. Stop for a bit, experience the market atmosphere, and buy Vietnamese stuff here. 

Next, continue walking, and visit Ngoc Ha village temple, where the tour guide tells the legend of the village's protector. Stop at the temple for 10 minutes, visit around, and ask the tour guide your questions. 

After that, experience the iconic authentic Vietnamese dish but with a newer version - phở bò sốt vang (Vietnamese beef stew pho). 

Continue to walk to Ngoc Ha Street, and visit the Ho Chi Minh Museum. The tour guide will introduce historical stories about Ho Chi Minh. 

Finally, relax and enjoy Vietnamese coffee.

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